For digital storytelling I wanted my friend Kem to help me out with this assignment. For my fourth grade math class, my students are doing a PBL assignment where they have to create a family vacation and figure out all of the financing involved. So my friend Kem is telling us a story about a trip to Six Flags that her and a couple friends took. They ended up getting stranded at Six Flags and had to find a way home. She used Abode Spark Video to create this digital story. Digital storytelling could also be used for my PBL assignment by the students as well. The link to the digital story is below.

We can all agree that this past year was unfortunate, right? It was rough. And as we rise from The Lost Year, we continue to look back at all of the heartache we endured, all of the tragedies that occurred but as we move forward, we will start noticing all of the lessons we learned and all of the silver linings that came to be. I’ve created a podcast titled Daniel Knows Education. My first podcast episode discusses the role of educational technology during the pandemic, issues about edtech equity, and about what the future holds for edtech. So sit back, and take a listen!

There’s pros and cons to everything. Technology has been growing in the classroom throughout the past decade. So let’s explore the ways it can benefit our students, and the ways it might not.


Improved Student Participation

Student’s already love technology and use it outside of the classroom. Generation Z has used technology an an integral part of their lives since they were born so incorporating it into their school work only makes sense. Even more so, students that are typically quiet and keep to themselves will participate more in online forums, polls, and assignments.

Collaboration far beyond the walls of the school

With the internet being introduced into the classroom…

It’s a problem our classrooms face more than we realize. When a student’s performance is suffering, we as teachers do everything we can to understand why. But, have you ever recalled a time when a students performance was declining and you may have not gotten to the bottom of it? It’s okay! Teachers are heroes too, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Why not consider how we can keep this issue from happening though? What are some ways we as teachers can better the lives of our students?

One of the great things that the past couple decades has given…

Daniel Maghini

Student of Education at Texas State University

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