Pros and Cons of Technology In The Classroom

There’s pros and cons to everything. Technology has been growing in the classroom throughout the past decade. So let’s explore the ways it can benefit our students, and the ways it might not.


Student’s already love technology and use it outside of the classroom. Generation Z has used technology an an integral part of their lives since they were born so incorporating it into their school work only makes sense. Even more so, students that are typically quiet and keep to themselves will participate more in online forums, polls, and assignments.

With the internet being introduced into the classroom, students will be able to access more information from diverse sources and collaborate with other students from around the world. It will also allow them to complete assignments in a more efficient way.

Many remote learning scenarios create more flexibility by giving students the ability to learn from anywhere and on their own time.

It’s important to add technology into the classroom because student’s will need to feel comfortable using different types of technology and they’ll need to learn about the new growing technologies as well.

Of course learning goes far beyond a student’s educational years. But it’s important for student’s to learn how to use types of technology now that will help them in their future careers.


With more technology in the classroom, student’s will have less need for verbal interaction and this could affect their mental health as well. It would be important to ensure oral presentations were still happening on a regular basis.

Student’s use technology in their personal lives when they’re on their phones, playing video games, using their computers, watching streaming services, etc. So introducing it into the classrooms may cause students to become distracted and feel as if they’re not at school, but instead just having fun.

Having too much screen time is already a problem. Our phones literally have a reminder to take a break from your phone. So is there such a thing as too much technology?

Not all students have access to the same types of technology so introducing certain types into the classroom may cause issues. If there are assignments that need to be completed at home and some students don’t have access from home, it will be the school districts responsibility to make sure all students have access to the technology needed.

Student of Education at Texas State University